The Pure Move Swing Trainer

What is the Pure Move

The Pure Move can hide in your regular golf bag when the handle detaches with the torque wrench or use the Practice Bag to carry a few clubs for a quick and easy practice session at the driving range.  "It's a full club, club head, shaft, training grip and attachable handle which really has the magic in it". 



The Pure Move Swing Trainer

It's a revolutionary patented golf swing trainer that fits into your bag that you can practice with anywhere anytime.  The Pure Move is a normal golf club with the worlds best training grip and easily attachable & detachable training handle that teaches you the correct golf swing quickly and easily


Training Grip

A never before seen designed grip trainer that teaches you quickly and easily the proper way to hold the golf club.  This revolutionary grip trainer features indicated and textured thumb pads that provide instant feed back and new approach to making the proper grip everytime. 


Training Handle

One of the most innovative parts of the Training Handle is it's ability to teach a user how to create that ideal impact position from moving through the golf ball, rotating and making a dynamic yet simple move that creates better golf shots.

Pure Move Features

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