Pure Move - Prototype Testing

Testing Validation Tools

For the testing of a early prototype of the Pure Move we used FlightScope for ball flight and numbers, a K-Vest from TPI for biomechanics (body motion and information about users sequencing) which was operated by a 3rd party operator, who is certified from TPI to operated and then V1 video software for video capture and drawings.  

During our testing 4 of 5 users noticed a drastic change in their ball flight, biomechanics numbers and or sequencing and then overall shot direction. 

In all 82% of persons tested experienced a change to their ball flight (Golf Shot Pattern) in one or more of these areas (face-contact, direction of the golf ball, increased distance and or more consistency with only 5-15 minutes of use and a brief explanation of how it works.  A few longer-term users of a couple months, notice a dramatic change to their direction or ball flight, such as eliminating a slice, with prolonged use of the Pure Move swing trainer.  

As golf professionals we know that using the golf club in the correct manner will produces the best result and a great golf swings will yield more distance, consistency and accuracy.  Let us help you find your best golf swing with the Pure Move, for best golf shots you've ever hit in your life. 

Testing Video #2

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